In October 1925 the advent message and Sabbath truth were preached in Proserpine district by James Crammond.  Six years later, on Sabbath 21 November 1931 the first church group was organised with 27 baptised members under the guidance of Tom Kent.  Meetings were held in Spoor's home at Kelsey Creek.

Ten years later the School of Arts hall in Proserpine was being used for a meeting place.  The C.W.A. hall was hired for a while in the mid-1940s.

On Sabbath, 17 August 1946 the church, built under the leadership of Arthur Needham, was opened by Pr Peacock, NQ SDA Conference president and Mr Barry, chairman of the shire.

On 7 May 1949 the membership in Proserpine was re-organised to be known as the Proserpine Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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